I'm 19 I'm Molly, I'm from England.
I have a 4 year old black and white Gypsy Cob, Rosie
I also have a 13.2 piebald german imported warmblood/welsh, Daria TJ

I fully believe in "cobs can"
I'm here to look at a bunch of pretty ponies, and show off my own!
I follow back equestrian blogs

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Oh my god

He can be so cool ahah

moo is my favourite horse on here 

when you see an ad for a horse for sale and in the description it says “is up to level 3 parelli” 

oh my god


sorry if I offend anyone believing in parelli but at this point I am just so done with it, it’s honestly the biggest load of bullshit and why on earth would you think it would make someone want to buy your horse you have essentially taught not to have any respect for you

Like this post
i just think grackle nosebands make any pony look so cuuute



Hahahah dressage tests gone wrong are always the funniest things to watch
Like possibly the fanciest most elegant creatures on the earth and then nek minnut LAMALAMLAMA
this would be so sick i wanna do this