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Barn light.

Strike a Pose

na We Heart It.

Ellen Whitaker & Cortaflex Kanselier.

Looks like princess!!

This horse’s name is Texas because his star is in the shape of the state of Texas. 

and in that moment, you become one. Two hearts, two passions, all become one. When you started riding, you just put your foot in the stirrup and fell but look at you now, look at what you’ve become. No matter where in the sport you are, Nationals or just trail riding, or just beginning, look at far youve come. You took the leap of starting what some would never even imagine doing, becoming one with an animal that can you kill you with one step, your partner has a mind of its own. Don’t let anyone talk down about you’re riding, be proud of what you do because it’s something someone else cannot do. 
I’m laughing so hard look at Rosie’s dinosaur jumping
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